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Dynamics and vibration of mechanical system

    Mechanical Dynamics and Vibration is a basic course of mechanical engineering, thermal power engineering, industrial engineering, nuclear science and engineering, and aerospace engineering etc. It is a compulsive course in mechanical, energy and power engineering. The course studies motion and vibration of mechanical systems and structures under the forces. The objectives of the course are: a) to understand the basic theory and basic concepts related to dynamics and vibration, b) to solve the fundamental dynamics and vibration problems, c) to construct the dynamic models for some practical problems. The students who finish the course would be able to deal with the dynamics and vibration analysis for mechanical systems. The course is a basis of related professional and technical work, scientific research and management.

    There are five parts of the course: [1] the basic dynamics theory, [2] the dynamics analysis of rigid body, [3] the basic concepts of mechanical vibration, [4] the basic theory of vibration and the excitation source analysis, [5] the mechanical vibration control and its application.

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