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Research on the beam forming principles and methods of complex Pneumatic noise source(11574212)
2015/8/27 21:17:29

For the needs of the analysis and control of Pneumatic noise source, studying the new beam forming principles and methods, which is used in the analysis of complex Pneumatic noise source combined by three typical sound sources including the monopole, dipole and quadrupole, as well as Pneumatic noise source from movement. First based on the measurement of microphone array, reach back to the principles of  the dipole and quadrupole sound source respectively, and establish new beam forming method for a single typle of Pneumatic noise source, thus achieving sound imaging of the dipole and quadrupole sound source of any number, location, source, source intensity and direction.  Further inversion new principle of complex sound source composed of the monopole, dipole and quadrupole, and set up the appropriate beam forming method and achieve sound imaging.

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